In CNC machining, we work with 3- 4- and 5-axis machines. We supply precision components for various industries. We fabricate high-quality aluminum castings for the automotive industry. In addition, we provide support for prototyping, R & D purposes and pilot runs. We also produce complex moulds for the semiconductor industry. We can help you to meet your needs. Even for single pieces or small series we will be glad to assist.
  • production of high quality aluminum castings
  • prototyping, R & D, pilot runs
  • mechanical parts, complex moulds etc.
  • single pieces and small series production

Machine List

Type Along Transverse Vertical in mm.
Bridgeport VMC760 800 400 400
Heidenhain TNC370 control with Hofmann CNC-precision index 4th axis
Bridgeport VMC800 Digital (2x) Heidenhain TNC410 800 400 400
Bridgeport VMC1000XP3 Heidenhain TNC530 1000 600 600
DMGMORI DMU50-3rd Siemens 840D-sl 5th axis BMO Pt50 automation 650 520 475